Linden Hills Homeopathy, LLC

Teresa is a Classical Homeopath.

Her love affair with homeopathy began while living in Australia, 19 years ago. Her health was declining and the reason was a mystery to all the local doctors. So, she turned to homeopathy, a widely accepted form of health care in Australia. Homeopathy restored her health to a level that she had previously thought was in her past. She says, "It was nothing short of amazing".

A short time later, her young son struggled with chronic ear infections. So she decided to again turn to homeopathy. With a well-chosen homeopathic remedy his ear infection cleared quickly, no tubes and no hearing loss at all.

She later returned to Minneapolis and was fortunate to find a nationally recognized homeopathic school here in Minneapolis. She attended and graduated from the  four-year degree program; Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. She has also been fortunate to study with several international homeopaths.

She loves being a homeopath, living her passion daily, while assisting other in finding their health and happiness is "a true joy"